Bloomberg warns against Global recession because of HK – it’s worth the price to deal a death blow to Beijing

Harvard University economist Carmen Reinhart says the HK situation could lead to a global recession – the world needs to pull together, and for a few dollars more, eradicate Chinese Communist rule and Beijing’s infamy.

People just don’t get it. And Bloomberg is right there to keep warning us how important China is, how wrong the US is to confront, how much trouble is caused by not playing along with China. Michael’s head is so far up Uncle Xi’s butt, he hasn’t seen daylight for years.

There will undoubtedly be changes in the world as a result of the collapse of the Chinese Communist totalitarian regime, which has been built on the backs of the Chinese people and their freedom, and on the necks of all the countries who have been extorted, blackmailed, threatened and raped by Beijing over the years, including Taiwan, and including Hong Kong (supposedly having its own “system” but in reality, Beijing threw away the handover agreement with the UK long ago), and the U.S., which has had atleast a $400 billion trade deficit with the world’s most blocked economy by the world’s worst dictatorship.

Yet confronting the growing evil that is now the Chinese Communist Party and its newest god, the Emperor Xi, the Great Panda is essential to protecting freedom throughout the world. Price to pay? Cheap, often fake goods, Trojan horses, backdoors, extortion, blackmail, surrender to Beijing’s “socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, which basically means unfree dictatorship.

As reviled as Trump is, he is the first US President since Nixon opened up to China, aside from Reagan, who confronted China. Obama pretended to, and instead, by dancing away from confrontation, actually achieved the opposite, and encourage Xi to become bolder and more aggressive, since Xi realized Obama would never follow through on anything, his “pivot” to Asia, becoming a “pirouette”, confrontation fizzling out amidst appeasement with a quiet whimper. Russia, Iran, North Korea were also encouraged.

We will all pay more for goods? Too freaking bad. That is often the price of freedom. The world, beset by greed and hesitation, has been unequipped to deal with the likes of Communist China’s brand of evil, a virus which has grown stronger every day. To cure ourselves will be painful, but necessary. Absolutely necessary. For those who whine, pull up your damn pants or pantyhose or whatever, and stop complaining. Just get to work. Recession this.

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