The United Nations’ Chronic Appeasement of Communist China

Beautiful Taipei, Taiwan

I wrote the following as yet unpublished letter to the editor at Taiwan News regarding an editorial concerning the “Chinese Taipei” compromise, as it is sometimes referred to.

Regarding the 7/31/2021 editorial “World waking up to fallacy of ‘Chinese Taipei’ compromise” (, appeasement of China runs deeper than “what’s in a name?”, though one certainly hopes the world stands up to the CCP’s evil intent sooner than later.

Taiwan’s dilemma begins with the Kuomintang’s (“KMT’s”) refusal to abandon its canard it somehow continued to be the government of China after fleeing China following its loss to Mao’s ruthless Communist Party and regime in 1949. Jimmy Carter betrayed Taiwan in the twilight of his erstwhile presidency (one of the worst in US history) 1n 1979 by “derecognizing” the “Republic of China” (KMT in Taiwan) and recognizing the People’s Republic of China, without consultation with the US Congress. Congress shortly thereafter overwhelmingly passed the Taiwan Relations Act preserving aspects of the relationship between the US and Taiwan. The US’s One China Policy “acknowledges” China’s position there is only one China of which Taiwan is a part, but does not necessarily agree with China’s position. President Reagan bolstered the US position on Taiwan with “Six Assurances” to mitigate Carter’s appeasement (betrayal).

Since then Taiwan has been whipsawed between the Communist Party’s lie and the KMT’s equivalent lie (manifested in the admitted prevarication called the “1992 Consensus”). This has led to a 60-year odyssey for Taiwan from oppression under KMT martial law in Taiwan to free democratic elections to almost constant onslaught from the CCP mortified at Taiwan’s highly successful and free capitalist democratic system. The CCP continues to deny the existence of the very real independent nation of Taiwan and the plain fact Taiwan functions completely outside Communist China. Nothing scares Communist China more than an independent democracy a stone’s throw from its craven totalitarianism.

Simply put, Taiwan is not China, China is not Taiwan, Taiwan is Taiwan, yet the UN is willing to sacrifice the democratic freedom and human rights of 23 million Taiwanese in the name of appeasement and good relations with the world’s most dangerous and evil genocidal regime, Communist China.

I blame my country for some of this. The United States has had its share of weak and appeasing Presidents, such as Carter and Clinton and in particular Obama (I dubbed his policy towards evil “Oppeasement” and his lurch to the far left “Obamunism”), and now Biden, who has obvious cognitive deficits, and daily struggles to navigate between his party’s wish to continue Obama’s Oppeasement policies and the huge successes of President Trump’s China policies and other foreign policy (e.g., Mid-East peace).

I applaud the previous administration’s sale of arms to Taiwan, upgrading the AIT (American Institute in Taiwan, a/k/a American Embassy), allowing higher level contacts between the US and Taiwan, and its treatment of Taiwan for all intents and purposes as an ally, and treatment of China for all intents and purposes as a real and present danger to democracy and human rights around the world, and, in effect, as an ‘enemy’.

Traditionally, the US Congress, both houses, are almost always unanimous in favor of Taiwan. It’s just unfortunate when graduates of the ‘Neville Chamberlain School of Foreign Policy and Appeasement’ are in office in the U.S. (Obama in particular), the U.S. is not very influential. Europe has elevated appeasement of evil around the world to a science (such that when the U.S. locks horns with regimes such as the CCP in China, or Iran, some European leaders hop on the first plane to see how many Airbuses the ‘enemy’ will buy).

The UN Chinese Taipei “compromise” (I detest calling it a compromise, it should be called the “Chinese Taipei Lie and Betrayal” because that’s what it is) is a typically useless and failed policy of a United Nations that almost NEVER actually deals with evil until it completes its evil purpose, be it war or genocide or terrorism, and then only 20-40 years later. An example of this is the now 60-year slow-motion genocide in Tibet that has occurred since 1959 to dislodge the Dali Lama, inhale and digest the Tibetan religion and land and natural resources, and vomit out a completely fake CCP Communist Party version of Tibet.

The UN has been virtually silent and impotent from the day in the 1950s when China invaded Tibet to when it poisoned the Panchen Lama and then kidnapped the small child appointed the new Panchen Lama by the Dali Lama, China having done so as its first steps in the Sinicization of Tibetan religion and the whole of Tibet. Now China is committing genocide against Uyghurs and again the UN is both silent and especially impotent.

I point this out because it explains why the UN, supposedly the bastion of freedom and human rights throughout humanity, is often impotent towards evil to an embarrassing extent (to wit, the whitewash report by WHO on the Coronavirus in February 2020 – read it if you don’t believe me, it reads like the CCP wrote it – oh, they did). Hence, we have the lie that is “Chinese Taipei”, because the UN cannot deal with its wayward evil member Communist China, which has been laughing at the UN every day since at least 1959. Keep this in mind – appeasement has never been a successful foreign policy for any nation in human history – the appeaser always loses. It’s why electing appeasers president in America is a dangerous thing not only for America, but for the world.

Nor do I laud the wayward notion proposed by Kissinger and Nixon that opening up the West to China would somehow change Communist China into a member of the democratic system with human rights and freedom. There has never been a communist regime in human history that did not have “evil” in its middle name, or provided democracy, human rights or freedom to its people, current popular fantasy and prevarication to the contrary notwithstanding.

Whatever greatness China’s 5,000-year culture provided has been sullied by the CCP’s 72 years of darkness, oppression, death and genocide. One can only hope at some point the CCP canard will fall in on itself and something better will rise up. If the CCP’s 1,000-year dream comes to pass, we might just as well all go to Mars. It would be safer on Mars than here under a global Chinese Communist regime.

From MAGA to “MAWA” or “MAMA” – American Far-left Destroying the US One Freedom At a Time.

Many people have written or said many uncomplimentary things about President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, despite the intentionally unfair and untruthful characterizations of his tenure as President, and the TDS (“Trump Derangement Syndrome”) that gripped the far left almost to the point of rendering liberal lemmings apoplectic, America thrived during those 4 years, and enemies of peace, democracy, freedom, capitalism and strength were cowed and rendered mostly impotent (in particular Communist China, the world’s worst threat to peace and prosperity, a genocidal regime hell bent on world domination).

MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) was at the same time a rallying cry for patriotic lovers of the United States and supporters of the American president, Donald J. Trump, and anathema to President Trump’s denouncers and far leftists unhappy with American exceptionalism, who 1. despise America (from inside and outside the US), 2. wish they were America, and had its influence, 3. thrive on chaos and seek power, enemies of freedom in general, 4. are some American allies who are like little guttersnipes nipping at America’s heels, wanting to be what America is without doing what America does, and want what it has, without accomplishing what America has worked so hard to make, and having its power, but being consistently weak and fearful and never leading, always appeasing.

Throughout history, when leftists cannot win, they either change the rules or overthrow. In America now, it has been a two-step process. Using the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to change election rules, Democrats expanded “vote-by-mail” (a/k/a “cheat-by-mail”) which essentially allowed for hundreds of thousands if not millions of fraudulent votes to find their way into swing-state ballot boxes, engineering a coup. Now, having installed a cognitively challenged career politician who frankly cannot find his way from the Executive bedroom to the Oval Office without a guide as President, and a trained Marxist as VP, the dangerous far-left, with two dimwits at the helm, have taken over the American government. Enemies? Joyous. Allies? Joyous (grab power by filling in the vacuum left by Barry 2.0). Ordinary Americans? Suffering, suffering, suffering, because that is what the far-left does – destroys culture, economy, discipline, and installs chaos.

The American Marxist plan is to weaken America (hence “MAWA”, “Make America Weak Again”, or “MAMA”, “Make America Marxist Again”, “again” in both cases referring to Barry 1.0), and its agenda is straight out of the Marxist playbook, including Mao’s Little Red Book. Destroying a capitalist republic requires destroying history, culture, education, family units, traditions, holidays, heroes, statues, artwork, books, criminal laws, police, military, the nation’s reputation, and using censorship, criminals, shaming, monopolizing education of the very young, group-think, cancel-culture, fear-mongering, racist tropes, and other similar tactics to justify absolute power, and cancel every democratic institution until there is only far-left absolute power left. In only 6 months, the American left has accomplished a good deal of this.

Every single Marxist regime in history has failed, and failed miserably. It doesn’t matter to the far-left. They are not interested in success. They can’t think that far ahead. Their only target is destroying what exists, not inventing what comes next. That’s why Marxism is so dangerous. It leads nowhere but to the toilet, and that is perfectly suitable for far-leftists. That is their milieu, their comfort zone. Dystopia is their nirvana. This hopeless cycle of destruction cannot be allowed to affect the ONLY force on Earth that can stop evil in its tracks. Europe needs to pay attention. Without America, there only comes chaos.

I firmly believe that most of the nations on Earth resented President Trump for one reason or another. Leftists lamented how he was disliked by enemies and allies alike. Ask me if I care that President Trump was disliked. I do not measure alliances by who is our friend when everything is ok. I measure alliances by who understands who their best friend is when the going gets rough. Every member of the EU understands that in a conflict, the EU cannot protect any part of it, let alone all of Europe. The only place that protection exists is America. For this reason, our function in the world is not to be everyone’s friend or anyone’s friend, or even likeable. Our function is to be the single strongest force on Earth for good, freedom, peace, democracy, human rights, honesty, and protecting each and all of these things. Doing this does not make friends. But for me, it is not necessary for us to be liked, it is only necessary for us to be strong and true and do our job. Barry of course not only did not understand this, he hated it. His first act was to apologize for America’s strength, and deny it. That is why he was weak. Oppeasement. Obamunism. Biden’s regime is a diluted, sick, viral, diseased version of Barry’s pathetic administration. Barry was popular. Trump was powerful. I will take powerful each and every time. Barry can have his fans and dance all night long. He does so now only because Donald saved America from Barry’s pathetic weakness. You’re welcome.

Now we have to start all over and MAGAA – Make America Great Again, Again.