The United Nations’ Chronic Appeasement of Communist China

Beautiful Taipei, Taiwan

I wrote the following as yet unpublished letter to the editor at Taiwan News regarding an editorial concerning the “Chinese Taipei” compromise, as it is sometimes referred to.

Regarding the 7/31/2021 editorial “World waking up to fallacy of ‘Chinese Taipei’ compromise” (, appeasement of China runs deeper than “what’s in a name?”, though one certainly hopes the world stands up to the CCP’s evil intent sooner than later.

Taiwan’s dilemma begins with the Kuomintang’s (“KMT’s”) refusal to abandon its canard it somehow continued to be the government of China after fleeing China following its loss to Mao’s ruthless Communist Party and regime in 1949. Jimmy Carter betrayed Taiwan in the twilight of his erstwhile presidency (one of the worst in US history) 1n 1979 by “derecognizing” the “Republic of China” (KMT in Taiwan) and recognizing the People’s Republic of China, without consultation with the US Congress. Congress shortly thereafter overwhelmingly passed the Taiwan Relations Act preserving aspects of the relationship between the US and Taiwan. The US’s One China Policy “acknowledges” China’s position there is only one China of which Taiwan is a part, but does not necessarily agree with China’s position. President Reagan bolstered the US position on Taiwan with “Six Assurances” to mitigate Carter’s appeasement (betrayal).

Since then Taiwan has been whipsawed between the Communist Party’s lie and the KMT’s equivalent lie (manifested in the admitted prevarication called the “1992 Consensus”). This has led to a 60-year odyssey for Taiwan from oppression under KMT martial law in Taiwan to free democratic elections to almost constant onslaught from the CCP mortified at Taiwan’s highly successful and free capitalist democratic system. The CCP continues to deny the existence of the very real independent nation of Taiwan and the plain fact Taiwan functions completely outside Communist China. Nothing scares Communist China more than an independent democracy a stone’s throw from its craven totalitarianism.

Simply put, Taiwan is not China, China is not Taiwan, Taiwan is Taiwan, yet the UN is willing to sacrifice the democratic freedom and human rights of 23 million Taiwanese in the name of appeasement and good relations with the world’s most dangerous and evil genocidal regime, Communist China.

I blame my country for some of this. The United States has had its share of weak and appeasing Presidents, such as Carter and Clinton and in particular Obama (I dubbed his policy towards evil “Oppeasement” and his lurch to the far left “Obamunism”), and now Biden, who has obvious cognitive deficits, and daily struggles to navigate between his party’s wish to continue Obama’s Oppeasement policies and the huge successes of President Trump’s China policies and other foreign policy (e.g., Mid-East peace).

I applaud the previous administration’s sale of arms to Taiwan, upgrading the AIT (American Institute in Taiwan, a/k/a American Embassy), allowing higher level contacts between the US and Taiwan, and its treatment of Taiwan for all intents and purposes as an ally, and treatment of China for all intents and purposes as a real and present danger to democracy and human rights around the world, and, in effect, as an ‘enemy’.

Traditionally, the US Congress, both houses, are almost always unanimous in favor of Taiwan. It’s just unfortunate when graduates of the ‘Neville Chamberlain School of Foreign Policy and Appeasement’ are in office in the U.S. (Obama in particular), the U.S. is not very influential. Europe has elevated appeasement of evil around the world to a science (such that when the U.S. locks horns with regimes such as the CCP in China, or Iran, some European leaders hop on the first plane to see how many Airbuses the ‘enemy’ will buy).

The UN Chinese Taipei “compromise” (I detest calling it a compromise, it should be called the “Chinese Taipei Lie and Betrayal” because that’s what it is) is a typically useless and failed policy of a United Nations that almost NEVER actually deals with evil until it completes its evil purpose, be it war or genocide or terrorism, and then only 20-40 years later. An example of this is the now 60-year slow-motion genocide in Tibet that has occurred since 1959 to dislodge the Dali Lama, inhale and digest the Tibetan religion and land and natural resources, and vomit out a completely fake CCP Communist Party version of Tibet.

The UN has been virtually silent and impotent from the day in the 1950s when China invaded Tibet to when it poisoned the Panchen Lama and then kidnapped the small child appointed the new Panchen Lama by the Dali Lama, China having done so as its first steps in the Sinicization of Tibetan religion and the whole of Tibet. Now China is committing genocide against Uyghurs and again the UN is both silent and especially impotent.

I point this out because it explains why the UN, supposedly the bastion of freedom and human rights throughout humanity, is often impotent towards evil to an embarrassing extent (to wit, the whitewash report by WHO on the Coronavirus in February 2020 – read it if you don’t believe me, it reads like the CCP wrote it – oh, they did). Hence, we have the lie that is “Chinese Taipei”, because the UN cannot deal with its wayward evil member Communist China, which has been laughing at the UN every day since at least 1959. Keep this in mind – appeasement has never been a successful foreign policy for any nation in human history – the appeaser always loses. It’s why electing appeasers president in America is a dangerous thing not only for America, but for the world.

Nor do I laud the wayward notion proposed by Kissinger and Nixon that opening up the West to China would somehow change Communist China into a member of the democratic system with human rights and freedom. There has never been a communist regime in human history that did not have “evil” in its middle name, or provided democracy, human rights or freedom to its people, current popular fantasy and prevarication to the contrary notwithstanding.

Whatever greatness China’s 5,000-year culture provided has been sullied by the CCP’s 72 years of darkness, oppression, death and genocide. One can only hope at some point the CCP canard will fall in on itself and something better will rise up. If the CCP’s 1,000-year dream comes to pass, we might just as well all go to Mars. It would be safer on Mars than here under a global Chinese Communist regime.

From MAGA to “MAWA” or “MAMA” – American Far-left Destroying the US One Freedom At a Time.

Many people have written or said many uncomplimentary things about President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, despite the intentionally unfair and untruthful characterizations of his tenure as President, and the TDS (“Trump Derangement Syndrome”) that gripped the far left almost to the point of rendering liberal lemmings apoplectic, America thrived during those 4 years, and enemies of peace, democracy, freedom, capitalism and strength were cowed and rendered mostly impotent (in particular Communist China, the world’s worst threat to peace and prosperity, a genocidal regime hell bent on world domination).

MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) was at the same time a rallying cry for patriotic lovers of the United States and supporters of the American president, Donald J. Trump, and anathema to President Trump’s denouncers and far leftists unhappy with American exceptionalism, who 1. despise America (from inside and outside the US), 2. wish they were America, and had its influence, 3. thrive on chaos and seek power, enemies of freedom in general, 4. are some American allies who are like little guttersnipes nipping at America’s heels, wanting to be what America is without doing what America does, and want what it has, without accomplishing what America has worked so hard to make, and having its power, but being consistently weak and fearful and never leading, always appeasing.

Throughout history, when leftists cannot win, they either change the rules or overthrow. In America now, it has been a two-step process. Using the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to change election rules, Democrats expanded “vote-by-mail” (a/k/a “cheat-by-mail”) which essentially allowed for hundreds of thousands if not millions of fraudulent votes to find their way into swing-state ballot boxes, engineering a coup. Now, having installed a cognitively challenged career politician who frankly cannot find his way from the Executive bedroom to the Oval Office without a guide as President, and a trained Marxist as VP, the dangerous far-left, with two dimwits at the helm, have taken over the American government. Enemies? Joyous. Allies? Joyous (grab power by filling in the vacuum left by Barry 2.0). Ordinary Americans? Suffering, suffering, suffering, because that is what the far-left does – destroys culture, economy, discipline, and installs chaos.

The American Marxist plan is to weaken America (hence “MAWA”, “Make America Weak Again”, or “MAMA”, “Make America Marxist Again”, “again” in both cases referring to Barry 1.0), and its agenda is straight out of the Marxist playbook, including Mao’s Little Red Book. Destroying a capitalist republic requires destroying history, culture, education, family units, traditions, holidays, heroes, statues, artwork, books, criminal laws, police, military, the nation’s reputation, and using censorship, criminals, shaming, monopolizing education of the very young, group-think, cancel-culture, fear-mongering, racist tropes, and other similar tactics to justify absolute power, and cancel every democratic institution until there is only far-left absolute power left. In only 6 months, the American left has accomplished a good deal of this.

Every single Marxist regime in history has failed, and failed miserably. It doesn’t matter to the far-left. They are not interested in success. They can’t think that far ahead. Their only target is destroying what exists, not inventing what comes next. That’s why Marxism is so dangerous. It leads nowhere but to the toilet, and that is perfectly suitable for far-leftists. That is their milieu, their comfort zone. Dystopia is their nirvana. This hopeless cycle of destruction cannot be allowed to affect the ONLY force on Earth that can stop evil in its tracks. Europe needs to pay attention. Without America, there only comes chaos.

I firmly believe that most of the nations on Earth resented President Trump for one reason or another. Leftists lamented how he was disliked by enemies and allies alike. Ask me if I care that President Trump was disliked. I do not measure alliances by who is our friend when everything is ok. I measure alliances by who understands who their best friend is when the going gets rough. Every member of the EU understands that in a conflict, the EU cannot protect any part of it, let alone all of Europe. The only place that protection exists is America. For this reason, our function in the world is not to be everyone’s friend or anyone’s friend, or even likeable. Our function is to be the single strongest force on Earth for good, freedom, peace, democracy, human rights, honesty, and protecting each and all of these things. Doing this does not make friends. But for me, it is not necessary for us to be liked, it is only necessary for us to be strong and true and do our job. Barry of course not only did not understand this, he hated it. His first act was to apologize for America’s strength, and deny it. That is why he was weak. Oppeasement. Obamunism. Biden’s regime is a diluted, sick, viral, diseased version of Barry’s pathetic administration. Barry was popular. Trump was powerful. I will take powerful each and every time. Barry can have his fans and dance all night long. He does so now only because Donald saved America from Barry’s pathetic weakness. You’re welcome.

Now we have to start all over and MAGAA – Make America Great Again, Again.

Israel’s Election: After 4 years of hope with President Trump and US support we’re back to Obama 2.0 – now Israel needs a very strong leader

Truthfully, the primary concern at issue in this Israeli election, above all, is Israel’s survival. Without that, there is nothing else, except perhaps pyrrhic victory.

Who is most likely to fight tooth and nail to protect and preserve Israel in this horribly antagonistic and anti-Semitic world? Who is most likely to be able to sit down with Arab neighbors from a position of strength and cobble together some pathway to a future without mutual destruction on the menu?

We are now facing a US Government that is openly antagonistic to Israel (do not believe anything you hear from any member of this Biden administration, the extent of its dislike of Israel is evidenced by the “President’s” appointment of Hady Amr, a rabid anti-Semite (“I was inspired by the Palestinian Intifada”) as the new Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israel-Palestine, and Biden has shown the clear and unmistaken inability to actually make any decision himself (including when to get out of bed, how to get out of bed, and which foot to put on the floor first)). We have not yet learned who is making decisions at the White House, but Kamala Harris is just as likely as Biden to cater to the rabidly anti-Semitic left and she will become President when Biden is removed shortly. The “Squad” is virulently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, has Harris’ ear, and there is little hope that any positive moves would be made regarding Israel in the next 4 years. It is Obama 2.0, or worse, and that means appeasing (or “Oppeasement”) of Iran, Hamas and the Palestinians at every possible turn.

This being the case, an Israeli leader is needed who can chart a course that does not require appeasing those who would destroy Israel, and can be vigilant and prepared, and, unfortunately necessary, evoke fear in enemies.

There is almost nothing that can be done with Palestinians. President Trump was successful in helping reach 4 agreements between Israel and its neighbors because he took away the Palestinians’ veto over every peace process. When Israel’s neighbors realized the Palestinians are not the only issue at hand, and that the US would not require immediate resolution of an unsolvable conundrum as a condition of peace, the dam broke and peace was at hand (in other words, first peace, then a solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, not the other way around).

Now it was up to the Palestinians to decide if they want a future or they wished to continue being fodder for extremists, and sacrifice another three generations of their children to poverty, lack of education, tyranny under Hamas and endless whining (remember, it is said that Golda Meir said “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us”). Their decision. I see no reason to hope for any change after 70 years of Hamas and brainwashing, indoctrination of Palestinian youth to hate Jews, and propaganda).

But Biden’s regime is not dedicated to peace, it is dedicated to the ultra-liberal trope that Israel is evil and the Palestinians are being oppressed, as if a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth. With no useful leadership in America’s White House, Israel will need its own strength and experience to continue on its path to normalization and peace with its neighbors. Of course, that is not new, and there was open hostility to Israel under the 8-year Obama administration.

I hope Israel does not fall down the “vote by mail” rabbit hole like the US did. One real person, verified, one real vote. Our election was a debacle. There are more than a hundred million people here who fervently believe after the next four years, there will never be a real Presidential election again.

Sorry for the darkness. It is a daily fight in America to find the light in this massively depraved and utterly insane new American culture we are facing (our Grammys are the paradigmatic example of the extent of the depravity at play here), not to mention open borders, more than ten thousand children in cages (after all that hoopla about that in the prior administration, the cages in fact left over from Obama’s tenure) and a horribly race-war agenda by the left which has no potential positive outcome and offers no solutions to any of the day’s major issues. Israel enjoys massive support in the US Congress, no matter who is in the White House. I fully expect Biden to act as though there is no Congress.

For Israel, the mission is continuing its success with Coronavirus, maintaining strong and unbreakable security, continuing to improve relations with neighbors and defend against enemies near and far, and continuing to improve the daily lives of millions of its citizens in the coming days of a world which more and more sounds like a confusion of sounds and voices, an awful lot like like Babel.

Peace be upon you, Israel. שלום עליכם

Ten Years Later – More of the Same “Oppeasement” of China from an Obama Man?

Ten years after suffering for 8 years under the feckless, useless administration of President Obama, and more recently celebrating 4 years of enlightened American Asia Pacific policy under President Trump, and having learned President Xi wrote to the former head of Starbucks in the past few days to seek his intervention with the Biden camp for a return to the appeasement policies under Obama, I have decided to republish a letter written to the Taipei Times on January 14, 2011 regarding the Obama administration’s “Oppeasement” policies – we shall see if anything will change under a Biden/Harris or Harris/Biden administration (whomever serves as President, it is hard to tell):

Does Communist China own Biden? Inquiring minds want to know what the laptop buried by the media shows…

Hu Jin-tao Is Coming to Town

America’s leadership appears to be somewhat in chaos, and Hu Jin-tao is coming to town.

The Secretary of Defense somehow mistakenly believes he is the Secretary of State because instead of representing the military arm of the United States Government (traditionally a powerful and intimidating deterrent to mischief) and discussing what the United States can do, Secretary Gates has engaged instead only in diplomacy (not his job), striking a frighteningly timid and appeasing posture as the representative of the United States military in of all places, Asia, and in particular, in China, talking about how we should just all get along, and can’t we talk nicely more often?

Gates, on one day, expresses concern at the advanced development of China’s air and missile forces, and the next day announces $75 billion in U.S. defense cuts.  The message?  Not the greatest signal to send to the world’s most dangerous regime.

On the other hand, the Secretary of State somehow thinks she is the president, at times, though even her announcements of policy sound more like whining than warning.  Certain regimes devoted to doing evil do not respond well to whining – it only brings out the shark in them.

And then there is the President, who somehow believes he is the Secretary General of the United Nations, and that his sole function is to be everyone’s friend, and global mediator.  In most unpresidential fashion, President Obama has forgotten the central role of the United States to lead, not to follow.  In fact, he seems decidedly embarrassed at the prospect the key function of the United States is to lead, whether it is to lead in democracy, lead in freedom, lead in the battle against tyranny, or lead the world to peace.

The President surely does not seem to appreciate that only by strength can the United States accomplish this.  When it does, the downtrodden, the hopeless, the weak and the oppressed have hope.  When the President of the United States strikes his chords of timid appeasement  to those who deny human rights, a collective sigh of agnonizing disappointment rises up all over the world, in Iran, in Cuba, in China, in North Korea, Myanmar, Iraq, Afghanistan, in Venezuela, Bolivia, in Sudan, in Somalia, Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria, Djibouti, and also in South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, and in all those places the people are struggling to keep their already  hard fought freedoms.

Like it or not, the central role of the United States is to preserve, protect and defend those freedoms throughout the world, because there is no one else who can, or is willing to do so.  No one.  So, we might ask, why does the President of the United States feel it is his job to behave like the Secretary General of an impotent world organization?

We worry about what the U.S. President will have to say to Hu Jin-tao when he arrives in America.  Will he mention Liu Xiaobo, Gao Zhisheng, Ding Zilin, the hundreds of other activists in China imprisoned or under house arrest for speaking out against oppression, or will he mention the rape of Tibet, the persecution of the Dalai Lama, the kidnapped Panchen Lama Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, a child missing these past 15 years, the plight of the Uighurs in Xin Jiang, Taiwan’s shining democracy living in the shadow of China’s immense military and existential threat, North Korea’s infamy, the rogue states and regimes around the world supported by their only ally, the People’s Republic of China, led by their good, smiling, benevolent friend Hu Jin-tao?  Or will the President do what he has done so many times in the past (perhaps as he does best), bow deeply and say nothing?

From Washington D.C., so far away, perhaps President Obama’s view of China’s President is a man who is a world leader, a leader among men, a strong, proud and respected leader (named in 2010 the World’s Most Powerful Leader by Forbes Magazine, courtesy President Obama).  However, from 150 miles away, this man is viewed as the leader of an evil regime that seeks to gobble up every good and decent thing that has ever developed in Taiwan, and around the world.  And furthermore, from deep inside the heart of China, a land of suffocating repression where even the whisper of oppression itself is suffocated, he is viewed with visceral imperial  fear.

I wonder if President Obama can keep that picture in his mind when he sits down to tea with Hu Jin-tao – a man who presided over the systematic oppression and destruction of Tibet in 1989 (before Tiananmen Square months later), and who now smiles benevolently while he has his hand clasped firmly over the mouths of 1.3 billion Chinese people, not to mention those outside China who are equally threatened, including the 23 million people in free, independent and sovereign Taiwan who look to President Obama (as do so many people around the world) to ensure their way of life continues unmolested by China.  I pray the President can keep that picture in mind, because that is in fact the role of the President of the United States, not a congenial “partner” at tea. 

Responding to Van Jones’ comments on the President’s “expected” refusal to concede

Van Jones spoke on TED on YouTube on October 26, 2020, a week before the election about President Trump’s anticipated refusal to concede the election if Biden won, which refusal to concede has now actually taken place given the legal issues regarding the rampant alleged election fraud committed by the Democratic Party until after these issues are determined. I entered the following comment responding to Van Jones’ lengthy TED speech.

1) concession speech – Hillary to Biden “DO NOT CONCEDE!!!!!” Yeah. So it’s okay for Biden to refuse to concede no matter what, but not Trump where there is glaring fraud? What about where there is glaring irregularities in the vote, like in Bush vs. Gore? Sure, concessions are there when there is a clear outcome in the election. But here, it was clear that mail in voting was going to cause problems, and the Democratic controlled cities and states decided that Republican observers would NOT be permitted to observe the counting, even after a court ordered they be admitted. Justification for challenging the vote. Stay tuned for outcome. 2) You said Gore conceded after the Sup. Ct. decided the case – ha ha..well, but he did not conceded until after the court decided the important question of which Florida votes were LEGALLY countable – uh….basically the same issue which will be decided by the Supreme Court in this election – Same thing. 3) All of what happens after the election and concession until January 6th is in the Constitution. The Concession is meaningless. It is the Constitutional function that actually determines the presidency. You have it backwards. Completely. The law is there for a reason. 4) You totally mixed apples and oranges by claiming that bringing a new slate of electors to the electoral college vote is the same as challenging allegedly fraudulent ballots in Court. The former is untenable, the lawsuits are in fact completely necessary when there has been evidence of fraud, as here in at least 5 states, and probably more. The outcomes of those cases will help determine the outcome of the election. That is how the system works. There is nothing wrong with that system. If the claims of fraud are spurious, they will be thrown out of Court. If not, they will be carefully considered. Bush vs. Gore is a good example. 5) As for the Constitutional method for choosing the president when it goes to the House of Representatives, the system designed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution, and in place for 245 years, is that it is one state, one vote. And you are right. There are more red states than blue states. America is a patchwork of states across 3,000 miles of amazing land encompassing 50 states. But “blue states” are concentrated on the coasts, and “red states” are concentrated in mostly the center of the nation, where there are far more states. Sour grapes? sounds like it to me. But Van, you called it a “coup”. Of course you did. But you called it a perfectly Constitutional coup. That is a ridiculous statement, as I just pointed out. It is the Constitution. Want to change it? Good luck. You know the process that has been in force for 245 years. Follow it. Go for it. 6. You keep talking about challenging the results by refusing to accept, but if the election is determined after all legal challenges, then it is over. Period. Why are you creating an issue where it does not exist? 7. “Progressive organizations are preparing to warn Americans about the threat to Democracy.” Van. Listen. The biggest threat to Democracy has been the extensive fraud committed by the Democratic Party in this election, the participation of the media in censoring the opposition to essentially shut them up (basically eliminating any reference to the Biden revelations in the weeks before the election, and many other issues), putting in place a system of wholesale mail in voting which contained absolutely none of the checks and balances in assuring one qualified voter, one vote, and then counting the votes in secret (something done in banana republics, like Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Russia) Democracy is threatened by the left. Make no mistake. 8. Finally, stop referring to the president’s legal actions to determine the outcome of the election as a “coup”. The only “coup” here is the one that began over 4 years ago to impeach the President (failed) and ending with the current attempt by the Democratic Party to stuff the ballot boxes with bogus ballots (e.g. hundreds of thousands of fake ballots which only vote for Biden, with no other races selected, backdated ballots, illegal ballots, etc.), and then count them in secret, to destroy Trump ballots (which can never be recounted in a recount if they are destroyed), using computer software to change the outcome, and various other methods which will come to light in the lawsuit to be filed this week and in the coming weeks. Just like there is no concession under these circumstances, there is no “president-elect”, because the races have not been completed yet under existing law.

Democratic Party Drug Mafia – drugging our kids to finance the agenda of the left – a tragic mistake of epic proportions

New York Governor Cuomo in a recent interview stated that New York is ripe to legalize recreational drugs ( His focus was almost completely on the financial benefits this would provide to NY coffers through taxation dollars going to the government, sufficient he thought to finance much of the left’s billion dollar programs. His complete attention was to the oodles of tax dollars the government would derive from the sale, purchase and usage of recreational drugs by New York citizens. To this extent, I imagined the Governor sitting at his desk, leaning back in his chair, and dreaming of the billions of tax dollars NY would haul in, rubbing his hands together, and cackling. He was talking about the New York State Government Drug Mafia, taking its “cut” for actually drugging NY citizens, drugging our families. If you are not appalled, you must be a Democrat. It almost sounded like a meeting of the “five families” in The Godfather to split up the drug profits (you remember Barzini said “after all, we are not Communists…,” probably not true in this case of Democrat Governors figuring out how to profit from their citizens’ drug addiction).

There has always been a deep divide politically regarding the effect of drugs on our citizenry, at least for the past 70 years, and probably longer. Those on the left have always been tolerant of drugs, particularly now and in the 60s and 70s (possibly a baby boomer effect), and those on the right bitterly opposed to them, and much of the difference is ideological regarding the effects of certain drugs on people in general, the overwhelming criminal implications of violating laws against use of certain drugs, and the enormous financial implications of the drug “industry”, which should be read as “governmental drug mafia”, essentially akin to organized crime benefitting from the addiction, physical or otherwise, to the effects of drug use, and the downward spiral of most users “needing” to keep buying.

I won’t get into statistics or such arguments. Personal observations and personal aversion to drugs has informed my thinking about the effects on American society, and has affected my conclusions. The stats are there to find.

I was opposed to many of the legalization laws, in particular recreational marijuana (THE gateway drug – those “studies” which are not convinced marijuana is a gateway drug always rely on alcohol and smoking as also “gateway” substances, but the difference is glaring – alcohol and smoking are not illegal, and once someone has used an illegal “drug”, they are far more likely to wander down that rabbit hole to other illegal substances), which have spread like wildfire throughout the US, and the general recent reality that the left has induced a numbness to the effects of drug use in light of the overwhelming support among voters, particularly younger voters. The left is also in love with the notion that since many drugs are no longer illegal, arrests for use or sale have been all but stopped.

Estimates you might find for NY’s taxes on drug sales, including franchise fees and taxes and taxes on sales, range from $300 million to more than $1 billion yearly.

Just think of it. All you need to do is sacrifice your children and their families, give them over to pot, let them freely use it, and/or sell it, and many of NY’s financial problems will be over! It reminds me of the organized crime structure, and of the cops taking bribes, other law enforcement taking bribes to look the other way, and here now, we have the government itself taking its 20% cut of the drug trade. The Great New York State Drug Cartel. That will be the name of New York from now on. Just another cartel, using organized drug sales to enrich the State and fill its coffers. Anyone who has had family swallowed whole by drugs knows the dangers inherent in these policies and should find this repugnant.

It should come as no surprise the Democratic Party will raise money by drugging you and your kids, and profiting from that.

Personally, I find it disgusting in so many ways, it is hard to articulate how deeply disturbing this trend is. Drugs are no less dangerous now than they have been all along, the only thing that changed was the liberal government’s greed and avarice, and willingness to play the Devil, and entice our youth into participating in this deadly game and generate cash. This is no better than the thug on the street corner selling pot or worse. Not one single bit better. Cuomo, Mafia Drug Lord. It fits the Governor perfectly.

Macron is right, but it is too little too late

Millions of oppressed fled Syria. Most were fleeing death and misery. Many though were embedded with extremism, a brand of Islam bereft of tolerance, hence “believe like me or die”. Once the doors were thrown open in the EU, many European members were forced to yield, and in many forms of Islam there is no leeway for getting along with “freedom of speech”. Thus, like in Communist China, or Cuba, or Venezuela, or North Korea, or Russia, or a variety of dictatorships in Africa, or in Asian Islam, like in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, or for the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, Iran, and others, free exchange of ideas is anathema to them, and even the slightest disagreement with their dogma inspires horror and murder, as we saw recently in Paris and Nice. Macron’s response is justified, but it is too little too late, and he was weak for too long in recognizing the inevitable influence the influx would have on European sensibilities and customs. The seeds of this destruction are now already planted in Europe, and every country that opened its doors to this particular endless immigration has introduced social conflict that is in many respects incompatible with the traditional freedoms inherent in Western culture. The result unfortunately has repeated itself in London, in Paris, and throughout the EU. It is not going away.

We see some of this in Ilan Omar, her intolerance and ideology, her palpable hatred of America, and Jews in particular. We see it also in a host of others who fled somewhere to bring this intolerance to our shores, in some cases itching for a fight. There is no place for it in our culture. There are hundreds of millions who can and do get along in the world. But for the rest it is like throwing a match into a barrel of oil.

There are those ready to appease the intolerance of those of Omar’s ilk, yield to their demands of “believe like me or die”, and the current thread of appeasement which runs through the Left’s eagerness to embrace those who despise our freedom and our nation leaves me in fear of our future, with the likes of Tlaib, Omar, Ellison and others manipulating our open system to their advantage, and injecting insidious dogma into those they influence (like the rabid Antisemitism and hatred of Israel spreading like wildfire in the BLM/Antifa movement and the Democratic Party).

We should use Macron’s initial fecklessness as an example of what not to do, and a cautionary tale to impel us to adopt the vigilance we need to keep the incompatible hatred and violence from infecting our nation. We welcome legal immigrants and refugees to our shores, but they are welcome only if they abide by our long, long history and traditions of freedom, tolerance and acceptance, and “believe like me or die” is not acceptable dogma in our collective American DNA. It most certainly is not.

An Inconvenient Truth Revealed by a Brave Young Journalist

I’m writing a little off topic today.

Walter Cronkite was at one period, the most trusted man in America. It was so because he did not allow his personal feelings, beliefs or point of view to interfere with the truth, and he refused to give news that was not thoroughly vetted. For much of twenty years, it was not possible to discern from his newscasts what his personal political views were, and for that reason he remains the epitome of journalistic excellence and perhaps purity.

Sadly, there is likely no person alive today in the field of journalism who comes within 10,000 miles of Walter Cronkite’s integrity, not a single one. But there are quite a few institutions that bear Cronkite’s name. One is the Cronkite Radio Station at Arizona State University. You would expect this student run station to reflect the excellence and integrity inherent in the Cronkite name. However, it appears not.

Today, it was reported in the New York Post that a student journalist at ASU who tweeted an article which appeared in the New York Post last month reporting details of the sexual assault charges pending against Jacob Blake, the Kenosha man shot by police after resisting arrest, had been not only “canceled” but removed from her “role at the school’s radio station for tweeting about Jacob Blake’s past accusations of sexual assault”. Of course we are all familiar with the riots, unrest, chaos, killing, destruction of property by BLM and Antifa which burned and crushed Kenosha, all in the name of Blake.

Main stream media outlets have thus far mostly avoided reporting on all of the facts regarding Blake’s past, arrest and shooting, as those inconvenient truths undercut the narrative that racism was the primary cause of Blake’s shooting, not his violent background, the outstanding arrest warrant for sexual assault, the 911 call by the woman he assaulted for violating the outstanding restraining order against him, brandishing a knife during the arrest and refusing to drop it, and resisting arrest. Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris referred to Blake as a hero and how “proud” of him she is. That is the narrative some wish to be kept sacrosanct, though it does not do justice to the truth.

Rae’Lee Klein, the 21-year-old former station manager, said she tweeted the article detailing facts about Blake because after reading about the sexual assault during which Blake after breaking into her house digitally penetrated the victim against her will in front of her young daughter, Klein was “disgusted”. The new Post article ( states “Speaking by phone Friday, the senior said that as a woman, she was “disgusted” by the Blake claims, which included an alleged violent sexual assault that took place in front of a child, so she decided to tweet about it.” Klein went on to say “I was just trying to do A, what I was assigned to do and B, what I thought was my job as a journalist, which is to share an important part of the story.” Walter Cronkite could not have said it better, and he would have been proud of her for doing so.

Following the tweet, Klein was inundated with “a huge amount of backlash” from “fellow coeds and her peers at the radio station.” These detractors said it was insensitive to tweet these facts, and it offended them and “made them feel unsafe and uncomfortable…” Imagine that. The truth certainly does hurt at times. Imagine attending a state university in this day and age, working for the University newspaper, bearing the name of the greatest journalist in the nation’s history known for his honesty and objectivity, and not wanting to hear, discuss or report the truth or the facts, inconveniently true as they are.

Ms. Klein’s “discipline” by the school consisted of three choices, none of which are in the least palatable, and none which allowed her to stick by her journalistic guns. Klein was mystified because “I wanted to get into it to change that because I truly believe journalism is supposed to be this linkage institution from the people to the policy and deliver the full truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Hypocrisy, irony, journalistic betrayal, snowflakes are all words that come to mind here. The school should abandon the Cronkite name since it clearly has no idea what Walter Cronkite stood for. It is ironic that a station that carries that name would censor the truth because it is inconvenient. Walter would never do that, and never did. One can only imagine what the school curriculum is actually teaching about journalism that will prepare these students to actually produce journalistic pieces that are valuable and written with integrity, given these obvious flaws in the school’s thinking. As far as snowflakes are concerned, a little truth goes a long way to understanding the situation, even if the truth is inconvenient and does not support the actions undertaken by the journalist’s preferred position (again, a stark betrayal of the Cronkite name).

I provided a link to today’s’ NY Post article detailing the abuse Ms. Klein suffered above. As for what she should do about this situation, since Arizona State University is a public institution, it is subject to the freedom of speech provided by the First Amendment, and the school’s attempt to censor her violates her First Amendment rights. It is typical these days for certain political ideologies to believe that only their speech is protected and that “feelings” trump free speech. That is simply not true. In fact one of the great lessons of university life for young students is to get over themselves and learn that there are many, many differing opinions from theirs, and they need to learn how to deal with different points of view. However, most universities today are completely unable to guarantee free speech to certain ideologies, and in fact actively censor speech which does not comport with the Universities’ far left points of view.

I’m quite sure if Klein decided to sue the school for denying her free speech, there are probably many, many thousands of people who would gladly contribute to her legal defense in order to guarantee that the facts and truth regarding news is brought to light no matter how inconvenient, especially in these times of chaos and civil unrest arising from what in most cases appears to be far less than “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

Taipei Times Uncensored

I wrote and posted at the Taipei Times for almost 20 years. When I wrote a comment in the Taipei Times criticizing China for lying about the Wuhan Virus, and then lying about lying about the virus, and when I criticized Tedros for being the lapdog of the Chinese Communist Party for his heaping of oodles of praise on China for its “handling” of the virus, and the WHO’s official policies which inevitably suppressed the initial dangers of the virus in order to mollify Communist China for fear it would cut off the WHO’s access to facts on the ground, I was kicked off Facebook, though my post was published on the Taipei Times website without any issue. Facebook has been censoring comments critical of Communist China and/or Tedros and/or the WHO. As a consequence, I am unable to post at the Taipei Times or comment on any of the articles published there. I wrote to the editor to ask that the Taipei Times provide other access to posting, but thus far no changes have been made. After almost 3 months of being banned, I have decided to post my comments on the Taipei Times here under the title “Taipei Times Uncensored” instead of at the Taipei Times website because in order to comment or post there, you must have a Facebook account, and only a Facebook account. This in effect allows Facebook, which has previously had a pro-Communist Party approach, to censor the posting and comments at the Taipei Times, one of the world’s only pro-Taiwan news organizations. That is a tragic turn of events.

In the Taipei Times on June 6th on Page 8, an editorial was published entitled “States Risk Public’s Violent Anger”, written by Nigel Li, a student at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. The first major mistake in the premise of the article is somehow conflating what is happening in the United States with either the Hong Kong protests, or with action taken by any number of totalitarian states against violent protests. There can be no comparison between the democratic system of government and justice in the United States and those dictatorships, where democracy and justice are unknown. Because the United States has one of the most objective legal systems in the world, and a strong constitution protecting freedom and justice, especially under the First Amendment and the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, there is no need for violence except to wreak havoc or cause chaos, which is the objective of anarchy and revolution, two features of the current socialist/communist wing of the Democratic Party, pushing the Democratic Party run districts so far to the left it has become frightening. Thus every opportunity to cause chaos has been fully supported and in fact instigated by the Democratic Party, including the current riots regarding the death of George Floyd in police custody, which have been taken over by the extreme left.

Anyone familiar with the political climate in the US should by now understand the fear of the Democratic Party that the Wuhan Virus will be mostly resolved in the next few months, that the economy may come roaring back, and that these juggernauts will make it impossible to defeat the incumbent president, Donald Trump. Thus, racial chaos and anarchy is helpful the Democrats believe, to their cause. However, the Democrats are completely tone deaf because they still do not understand the extraordinarily high percentage of Americans who support the protests and yet loathe the riots, and can understand the difference. The calls by the Democrats to “defund the police” is simply another leftist wet dream to leave the state undefended in the face of the anarchy and socialist/communist revolution currently being instigated. Left up to the Democrats, any conservative who doesn’t use the latest leftist approved language should be arrested, but those who loot, steal, sell drugs, commit assault, murder or commit other felonies should not even be arrested, hence “defund the police”. But there are very few in the US who want to go down that road, and the cacophony in the media, which is overwhelmingly in opposition to the President, makes it seem the country is united in opposition to the president and hostile to the police. The left made the same mistake in 2016 and were shocked they lost the election. They are in for another rude awakening.

Secondly, “journalists” (in quotes here because almost all of the liberal press have been reduced to propaganda writers for the Democratic Party, not journalists) should not conflate protests and violence in the United States with those things in totalitarian countries, like Communist China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and other dictatorships or with the life in Taiwan during the KMT rule, when it inevitably tried to deliver Taiwan into Communist China’s orbit permanently. There is a system of law and justice in the US which has been a model for the developed world for more than 200 years. Protests and even riots against the totalitarian rule of the KMT were justified. If anything, the socialist/communist wing of the Democratic Party is far more like China, the old Soviet Union, Cuba or Venezuela than like the US or Taiwan.

As for racial justice in the United States, the Democratic Party was the party I might remind you of slavery in the United States until Republic Party President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves with his Emancipation Proclamation and the success of the Civil War in America in the 1860’s. Moreover, the Democratic Party was hardly the party of justice for blacks in the US or for civil rights until the 1960s, and then the Democratic party embarked on a process to buy the votes of minorities in the US through welfare and other programs and to basically establish institutions of government that would spend the next 60 years keeping minorities dependent on welfare and similar programs in order to maintain their voting power. This prevails until today, and we are witnessing yet another step in the process of using race as a justification for anarchy.

When the Democratic Party lost to President Trump in 2016, it was shocked and dismayed, and has spent the past 4 years attempting a coup by a thousand cuts, beginning with a impeachment based on phantom charges of so-called Russian Collusion (failed coup), and then coming up with issue after issue as attempts to justify impeaching the President (all failed). The threshold for impeachment was lowered to ridiculous levels in the US by the desperate Democrats, and their willingness to try anything and everything to unseat the President has possibly damaged the US institution of government permanently.

When impeachment failed, the Democrats decided to use the pandemic as a new justification for criticism of the President and for renewed calls for impeachment, despite it being clear China and the World Health Organization at China’s behest misled the world on the origins of the Wuhan Virus. That failed as well. When the pandemic was turning the corner, cases and deaths dropped to far lower levels, and the economy was on the verge of reopening, the death of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer engaging in brutal force provided yet another opportunity for the Democratic party to interrupt the recovery by encouraging and supporting weeks of chaos and riots, including murder, violence and looting. The Democratic party, always the party that thrives on chaos, dead bodies and the promise of government money, is now calling for “defunding” the police (whatever the hell that is), and basically reducing the US to a nation without the ability to enforce its law. That is of course the end aim of a party wishing to foment a socialists/communist revolution. In order to do that, the police must be neutered.

On the issue of race in the US, I don’t know what “institutional racism” is. Prominent black leaders (including President Obama) and commentators have for years advised the black communities that single father households and persistent crime do far more to keep blacks from breaking out of ghettos and poverty than racism (“More than half of all black children live in single-parent households, a number that has doubled — doubled — since we were children.”). There is no doubt racism exists, and there is no doubt blacks die at higher rates from gun violence. But the overwhelming number of deaths of blacks by gun violence are not at the hands of white police, or even white shooters, but at the hands of other young black men (over 80%, or more). These statistics are hard to dig out, as the prevailing statistical analysis (to support the Democratic Party narrative of institutional racism) is the number of black victims, not the number of black perpetrators. President Obama over his 8 years at President of the US did nothing to address this “black on black” crime, or the single father home in over 50% of black families, and the effect that has on sons and daughters. The welfare system designed by Democrats, that is paying money to families with a single mother with children and no partner, also encouraged these developments in single parent homes. Obama did speak of this problem a few times between 2008 and 2014, but his administration did nothing to address it. “In 1960, the year before Obama was born, 22 percent of black children lived with single parents. In 1968, the number rose to 31.4 percent. By 2006, the 1960 percentage had more than doubled to 56 percent.” [Politifact fact check]. 

What makes the US different from totalitarian nations like China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, N. Korea, Iran and many others is the US has a well-defined system of law and justice in effect and . The police involved in the George Floyd matter have been arrested and will be charged, and tried. They will be permitted to make a defense and a jury will decide their guilt or innocence when all of the facts are known. This does not take place in dictatorships.

The left at this moment does not wish for there to be a trial. They wish for there to be a lynching, and steps in that direction are censorship (e.g. if anyone questions BLM, they are censored), disbanding the police, controlling the populace to conform to the Democratic party’s ideology, changing history and destroying historical icons (e.g. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Andrew Jackson, and many many others), pulling down statues and monuments, desecrating the US national flag and National Anthem, imposing new language and banning common language (Drew Brees, a celebrated NFL Quarterback spoke about disagreeing with anyone desecrating the flag or the anthem, and he was pounced on by the MSM and the BLM movement, and forced to retract his statement – oddly, his statement is supported by a huge overwhelming majority of Americans). These things are happening now, and have happened before in every instance where socialist/communist revolutions occurred. Those revolutions were accompanied by millions and millions of deaths (in Cambodia over 1.5 million, in Communist China at the hands of Mao between 50-80 million), commonly of professionals, including lawyers, teachers, and others, and murder of capitalism, replaced by state control over every aspect of life. This is what the Democratic Party now seeks, as it is unhappy with a majority of American’s rejecting the Party’s extremist views on most aspects of American life, especially free speech.

The world should be quite worried. If the Democratic party prevails, the US will withdraw as it did under Obama, Taiwan and Israel will be under assault, and Europe will be required to lead the world, and it has demonstrated over and over and over, even today, it does not have the backbone to stand up to Russia, China, Iran, and many other nations determined to resist freedom as a way of life and destroy the West, and lacks the morals or the will or the ability to protect Taiwan or Israel. The world needs the US to be the defender of human rights and freedom, because frankly there is no one else on Earth suited to it or capable of doing it.

When You Can’t Win an Election, Steal It Over Any Number of Dead Bodies…

The Democratic Party understands there is no way to win the election in November, especially not with Biden as the candidate. Four years of impeachment nonsense was intended to create doubt to help the Democratic candidate win. That failed when impeachment turned out to be a lie. Endless investigations turned up nothing. Now it is clear that the Democratic Party was planning its “coup” even before the election by investigating the opposition candidate. That has never happened in the history of the United States. The Party has fallen that far under the leadership of Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi, and their henchmen and henchwomen.

Now, with the election only 5 months away, with the Corona-virus albatross turning the corner, with the universal blame of China resonating around the world, with the WHO demonstrating every day that it is the puppet of the Chinese Communist Party, the support for the President’s course on the pandemic is turning the corner. The economy has a good chance of roaring back to life. Bad news for the Democratic Party. These are two key issues.

Never one to waste publicity of a death, the Democratic Party is now pushing riots around the country over the Floyd arrest and murder (I defy you to find a Democrat who would dare criticize the rioters for wanton rioting as opposed to protesting, as opposed to egging them on in the face of this example of “racism” (never mind the rule of law, which is the whole argument against the treatment of Mr. Floyd by the police in the first place), and ignoring that in our system of law the officers involved with be subjected to justice and the officer involved has already already been arrested for murder*. The riots are good news for the Democratic Party. The party will fan the flames of riots for as long as possible, operatives of the party around the country are likely mobilized to support the riots and its leaders and bail the arrested out and keep the whole “revolution” going until the election, if possible.

However, once the connection is made between the Democratic Party and the chaos, the few who want revolution will be crushed by the many who want their lives normal, want their streets open, want to go back to work and back to school, and they will NOT support the riots. Now the Democrats are encouraging their followers to kill police officers, burn buildings and police stations, go after “white supremacists” which according to the Democratic Party playbook is any white person in the U.S. So far the riots, like in the past, are simply an excuse for mayhem and looting, and grabbing lots of “free stuff”.

The Democratic Party, now the Democratic Socialist Communist Party, has been fomenting revolution since 2016, and almost every single policy it has pushed involves censorship of ideas it doesn’t like, killing any chance for people to excel and better themselves (and choosing instead “leveling the playing field” by cutting the legs off any successful person (except Hollywood moguls who support them)(e.g., California deciding public universities such as UCLA and Berkeley will not accept the SAT and ACT tests as qualifications in favor of something else, more likely to result in fewer highly qualified students and more lower standard students, rendering a degree from those institutions tin degrees instead of platinum degrees.) This is the new America according to the Democratic Party. Keep in mind that for 8 years Obama told the world and the country that America was not exceptional. Now his party is ensuring that it will never be exceptional. I like an exceptional America. We and the world need it to be exceptional.

So we have this political party that secretly celebrates every corona-virus death because they can use the number against the President under their “absolute liability” theory (although so many deaths are attributable to the mismanagement of the pandemic in New York by the Governor and Mayor of New York), celebrates every time the stock market goes down, celebrates every criticism of the President by an enemy (thus siding with Communist China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and others), celebrates censorship by MSM and social media of all opinions and facts opposed to the Democrats’ ideology, and celebrates the propaganda mills for their extreme leftist ideology established on most college campuses around the nation.

Though I have been a member of the Democratic Party since 1970, I did not vote for a Democratic Candidate in a long while, and it is hard to justify it when the Party was moved so far to the left by Clinton, then Obama and now Obama’s acolytes. The Democratic Party is anti-Asian, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Caucasian, anti-religion, anti-military, anti-success and, so so sadly, anti-American. I vehemently oppose the Democratic Party revolution. I reject it. I despise it.