Project Syndicate’s China Propaganda Machine – George Soros Promoting a World Led by Communist China’s Totalitarian System

A May 8, 2017 article from Project Syndicate (“Lessons of China’s industrial policy”) contains yet another fawning admiration piece on China’s rise, again suggesting the US could learn from China’s economic “success”. It reads like a Soviet era propagandist puff piece on the Party’s successes and progress, while ignoring the oppression and misery the Party visits on its people every single day.

Curiously, the piece fails to mention even once that China’s economy and markets are controlled completely by the Chinese Communist Party government, there is no competition not permitted by the government and the only reason China can have 20 year plans is because the Chinese Communist Party intends to remain in power with an iron grip on every detail of Chinese life for the “forseeable future” (which in the Chinese Communist Party Manual of Commonly Misunderstood Terms is defined as “forever”). But this apparently is not even a blip on Project Syndicate’s radar. George Soros is trying hard to remake the world in a “socialist” model, though it is hard to see how China fits into that mold, except for the totalitarianism, oppression, absence of justice or law, and a country ruled with an iron fist that is often the hallmark of socialism.

While Messrs. Kozul-Wright and Poon extol the virtues of China’s CM2025 (basically a roadmap for taking over industrial might in the world through blackmail, industrial espionage, theft of intellectual property, removal of competition with Chinese firms, and funding according to the Communist Party’s political objectives) they have completely ignored China’s animus in its quest for dominance – the victory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and the end to democracy. Yes, Soros will say that China has no such dreams, yet every day we can see how China can strangle almost any adversary economically, first offering money, then more money, then forcing the Kommunist Kash addict to intone China’s platitudes and mantras (such as the One China Policy), and with smiles and seemingly benign kindness, China will own various countries critical to its supply chain, in particular raw materials and rare earth metals

The authors marvel at China’s goal of producing 75% of domestic chipsets in ten years, where today it is just 46% – why is this a good thing? It means that China will either steal technology to accomplish that, or buy chipmakers. Woe to the world if China corners that market. Then it will be able to bring the world, addicted to smart phones and all other technological advances, to its knees, and possibly we will see most other manufacturers disappear and the Chinese smartphone emerge as the leader – except who can trust what a Chinese phone producer puts in its phones and what Beijing listens to?

You see, when democracies trade, they may beat each other up, but they are not out to kill each other. China is out to kill every single democracy on earth by economic means, until all roads lead to Beijing. The only way Beijing can accomplish this is through its own propaganda, which operates 24/7, and with the help of sycophants like Project Syndicate, the child of George Soros, who apparently despises the United States so much he is willing to love Beijing.

Beware these insidious articles by Project Syndicate that attempt to soften the totalitarian Chinese Communist regime (or fail to mention it at all) to beguile its readers into believing China has become a kinder gentler nation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Beware!! Do not let Project Syndicate become a mouthpiece for the dictators in Beijing, because complicity with a regime that denies human rights and justice as a matter of course endangers the world.

When is Project Syndicate going to come clean about China and speak frankly about China’s human rights abuses and strangulation of freedom of speech?

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