From MAGA to “MAWA” or “MAMA” – American Far-left Destroying the US One Freedom At a Time.

Many people have written or said many uncomplimentary things about President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, despite the intentionally unfair and untruthful characterizations of his tenure as President, and the TDS (“Trump Derangement Syndrome”) that gripped the far left almost to the point of rendering liberal lemmings apoplectic, America thrived during those 4 years, and enemies of peace, democracy, freedom, capitalism and strength were cowed and rendered mostly impotent (in particular Communist China, the world’s worst threat to peace and prosperity, a genocidal regime hell bent on world domination).

MAGA (“Make America Great Again”) was at the same time a rallying cry for patriotic lovers of the United States and supporters of the American president, Donald J. Trump, and anathema to President Trump’s denouncers and far leftists unhappy with American exceptionalism, who 1. despise America (from inside and outside the US), 2. wish they were America, and had its influence, 3. thrive on chaos and seek power, enemies of freedom in general, 4. are some American allies who are like little guttersnipes nipping at America’s heels, wanting to be what America is without doing what America does, and want what it has, without accomplishing what America has worked so hard to make, and having its power, but being consistently weak and fearful and never leading, always appeasing.

Throughout history, when leftists cannot win, they either change the rules or overthrow. In America now, it has been a two-step process. Using the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to change election rules, Democrats expanded “vote-by-mail” (a/k/a “cheat-by-mail”) which essentially allowed for hundreds of thousands if not millions of fraudulent votes to find their way into swing-state ballot boxes, engineering a coup. Now, having installed a cognitively challenged career politician who frankly cannot find his way from the Executive bedroom to the Oval Office without a guide as President, and a trained Marxist as VP, the dangerous far-left, with two dimwits at the helm, have taken over the American government. Enemies? Joyous. Allies? Joyous (grab power by filling in the vacuum left by Barry 2.0). Ordinary Americans? Suffering, suffering, suffering, because that is what the far-left does – destroys culture, economy, discipline, and installs chaos.

The American Marxist plan is to weaken America (hence “MAWA”, “Make America Weak Again”, or “MAMA”, “Make America Marxist Again”, “again” in both cases referring to Barry 1.0), and its agenda is straight out of the Marxist playbook, including Mao’s Little Red Book. Destroying a capitalist republic requires destroying history, culture, education, family units, traditions, holidays, heroes, statues, artwork, books, criminal laws, police, military, the nation’s reputation, and using censorship, criminals, shaming, monopolizing education of the very young, group-think, cancel-culture, fear-mongering, racist tropes, and other similar tactics to justify absolute power, and cancel every democratic institution until there is only far-left absolute power left. In only 6 months, the American left has accomplished a good deal of this.

Every single Marxist regime in history has failed, and failed miserably. It doesn’t matter to the far-left. They are not interested in success. They can’t think that far ahead. Their only target is destroying what exists, not inventing what comes next. That’s why Marxism is so dangerous. It leads nowhere but to the toilet, and that is perfectly suitable for far-leftists. That is their milieu, their comfort zone. Dystopia is their nirvana. This hopeless cycle of destruction cannot be allowed to affect the ONLY force on Earth that can stop evil in its tracks. Europe needs to pay attention. Without America, there only comes chaos.

I firmly believe that most of the nations on Earth resented President Trump for one reason or another. Leftists lamented how he was disliked by enemies and allies alike. Ask me if I care that President Trump was disliked. I do not measure alliances by who is our friend when everything is ok. I measure alliances by who understands who their best friend is when the going gets rough. Every member of the EU understands that in a conflict, the EU cannot protect any part of it, let alone all of Europe. The only place that protection exists is America. For this reason, our function in the world is not to be everyone’s friend or anyone’s friend, or even likeable. Our function is to be the single strongest force on Earth for good, freedom, peace, democracy, human rights, honesty, and protecting each and all of these things. Doing this does not make friends. But for me, it is not necessary for us to be liked, it is only necessary for us to be strong and true and do our job. Barry of course not only did not understand this, he hated it. His first act was to apologize for America’s strength, and deny it. That is why he was weak. Oppeasement. Obamunism. Biden’s regime is a diluted, sick, viral, diseased version of Barry’s pathetic administration. Barry was popular. Trump was powerful. I will take powerful each and every time. Barry can have his fans and dance all night long. He does so now only because Donald saved America from Barry’s pathetic weakness. You’re welcome.

Now we have to start all over and MAGAA – Make America Great Again, Again.

Israel’s Election: After 4 years of hope with President Trump and US support we’re back to Obama 2.0 – now Israel needs a very strong leader

Truthfully, the primary concern at issue in this Israeli election, above all, is Israel’s survival. Without that, there is nothing else, except perhaps pyrrhic victory.

Who is most likely to fight tooth and nail to protect and preserve Israel in this horribly antagonistic and anti-Semitic world? Who is most likely to be able to sit down with Arab neighbors from a position of strength and cobble together some pathway to a future without mutual destruction on the menu?

We are now facing a US Government that is openly antagonistic to Israel (do not believe anything you hear from any member of this Biden administration, the extent of its dislike of Israel is evidenced by the “President’s” appointment of Hady Amr, a rabid anti-Semite (“I was inspired by the Palestinian Intifada”) as the new Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israel-Palestine, and Biden has shown the clear and unmistaken inability to actually make any decision himself (including when to get out of bed, how to get out of bed, and which foot to put on the floor first)). We have not yet learned who is making decisions at the White House, but Kamala Harris is just as likely as Biden to cater to the rabidly anti-Semitic left and she will become President when Biden is removed shortly. The “Squad” is virulently anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, has Harris’ ear, and there is little hope that any positive moves would be made regarding Israel in the next 4 years. It is Obama 2.0, or worse, and that means appeasing (or “Oppeasement”) of Iran, Hamas and the Palestinians at every possible turn.

This being the case, an Israeli leader is needed who can chart a course that does not require appeasing those who would destroy Israel, and can be vigilant and prepared, and, unfortunately necessary, evoke fear in enemies.

There is almost nothing that can be done with Palestinians. President Trump was successful in helping reach 4 agreements between Israel and its neighbors because he took away the Palestinians’ veto over every peace process. When Israel’s neighbors realized the Palestinians are not the only issue at hand, and that the US would not require immediate resolution of an unsolvable conundrum as a condition of peace, the dam broke and peace was at hand (in other words, first peace, then a solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, not the other way around).

Now it was up to the Palestinians to decide if they want a future or they wished to continue being fodder for extremists, and sacrifice another three generations of their children to poverty, lack of education, tyranny under Hamas and endless whining (remember, it is said that Golda Meir said “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us”). Their decision. I see no reason to hope for any change after 70 years of Hamas and brainwashing, indoctrination of Palestinian youth to hate Jews, and propaganda).

But Biden’s regime is not dedicated to peace, it is dedicated to the ultra-liberal trope that Israel is evil and the Palestinians are being oppressed, as if a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth. With no useful leadership in America’s White House, Israel will need its own strength and experience to continue on its path to normalization and peace with its neighbors. Of course, that is not new, and there was open hostility to Israel under the 8-year Obama administration.

I hope Israel does not fall down the “vote by mail” rabbit hole like the US did. One real person, verified, one real vote. Our election was a debacle. There are more than a hundred million people here who fervently believe after the next four years, there will never be a real Presidential election again.

Sorry for the darkness. It is a daily fight in America to find the light in this massively depraved and utterly insane new American culture we are facing (our Grammys are the paradigmatic example of the extent of the depravity at play here), not to mention open borders, more than ten thousand children in cages (after all that hoopla about that in the prior administration, the cages in fact left over from Obama’s tenure) and a horribly race-war agenda by the left which has no potential positive outcome and offers no solutions to any of the day’s major issues. Israel enjoys massive support in the US Congress, no matter who is in the White House. I fully expect Biden to act as though there is no Congress.

For Israel, the mission is continuing its success with Coronavirus, maintaining strong and unbreakable security, continuing to improve relations with neighbors and defend against enemies near and far, and continuing to improve the daily lives of millions of its citizens in the coming days of a world which more and more sounds like a confusion of sounds and voices, an awful lot like like Babel.

Peace be upon you, Israel. שלום עליכם